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Please Retweet: "Basic income is a human right!" https:// twitter.com/911Satyagraha/status/716672903996157952
sylvain henry Apr 3 '16
I have heard that many of you support the idea of Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) or Universal Basic Income (UBI) in Canada as a way to eradicate homelessness. I believe this is a BIG idea to end both poverty and homelessness in our country and Ontario will be starting 3 BIG pilot projects in the fall. . If you are indeed for this idea then may I recommend that you write an article about it and send it to the media. I did that and I was published in two magazines in one week (here's one of them:... more
sylvain henry Mar 24 '16
February News Sharafat – Leads Community Engagement, needs new members to join him to create Coca Cola effect – When public see’s homeless or orange, have them think of Castlest one. Joey – Becomes Chief-In-Editor of CHN Castlestone becomes registers as a Non-Profit on February 15, 2016 Homeful Centre (Vision Shelter), housing educational strategy, home economics & rehabilitation institution approved. Castlestone to lead monopoly on the homeless by 2025 if we’re on track. Hierarchy depar... more
David Qiu Feb 7 '16